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What is PREMA Wallet?

PREMA Wallet is a multichain wallet (blockchain) used for Xcreation website. As a multichain wallet, PREMA Wallet supports multiple public-chain digital possession at the same time. In detail, digital possession including ETH, TOMO, HECO, ONE, MATIC, AVAX, FMT available.

With PREMA Wallet, users import only one address from many chains mentioned above.

PREMA Wallet also supports NFC keycard for creating or restoring accounts. Additionally, the PREMA Wallet application enables sending and receiving tokens and even checking the history.

PREMA Wallet is available in two languages: English and Chinese.

If you have any concerns or need any help, please feel free to reach our support team at

How to Create/Restore Account?

Create new account

First, you have to choose the language. English and Chinese are available.

Then, hit the "Create new account"

You can only create 1 account along with 1 Private Key on this application. However, a display of balance and sending tokens on different chains are available. ETH, TOMO, HECO, ONE, MATIC, AVAX, FMT are now supported here.

This image shows two kinds of tokens that are set default when your account is empty. These tokens are used for the website having the same system. Also, they can be used to "play Gacha" or "Sold to market',...

If your account has other coins from other chains, they will be shown here along with the balance.

Restore account

Restore account using backup file

From here. Choose "Restore account using backup file"

Choose the backup file stored in your device.

If you choose the wrong one

If you choose the correct one

Your assets will be displayed

Restore with NFC Keycard

From here. Choose "Restore account using NFC Keycard"

Tap your NFC Keycard on your device.

If your card is not in the correct format. This notification will be shown.

If successful

Key in your password

Your assets will be displayed

If your account is integrated with NFC Keycard, the NFC icon will be shown next to "My assets"

Import Private Key

From here. Choose "Import private key"

Key in your Private Key

If your Private Key is correct

If your account has already been here

How to send tokens?

From the home screen, please choose the assets you would like to send in the "My assets" section.

For example, when you choose Prema Coin, you will have 3 functions to opt for. Hit "Send" if you would like to send it to the token. Hit "Explorer" to be directed to the scanning website. And hit "Buy" for purchasing token. Please note that only tokens exclusively made for PREMA are available to purchase in the app.

Transaction history is also shown here.

For sending tokens, insert the receiver ID.

Key in the amount

Then, slide to send

If sending is not successful, you will see this notification.

If your account is linked to NFC Keycard, you will be asked to scan the NFC Keycard also.

Scan & Wallet connect

How to scan QR code or NFC Tag to receive Token or NFT?

Hit the "Scan" button on the top of the home screen

With NFC scan

Chose NFC scan and tap your NFC Keycard on your device

When you receive tokens, please follow these steps

When you receive NFT, please follow these steps

With QR code

The steps to receive NFT and Token are the same as NFC Keycard

Here are some errors you might get:

You are scanning your own QR code

the QR code has no Tokens or NFTs

Wallet connect

In Fany Market, press on "Connect to wallet"

You will have two options: KEYRING PRO and PREMA WALLET

What can you do with 'Menu'?

View private key

If your account is linked to NFC Keycard, scan your card to see the private key.


There are two options: English and Chinese

Regional currency

Change mode

Switch network


Create backup file

NFC Keycard Operation

Export account to NFC Keycard

When you export account to NFC Keycard, your account will be transferred and stored in the NFC

When finish, your account will display an NFC icon next to the "My assets"

If your card has already stored data, you will receive this error.

Show private key

It shows both Private key and QR

There might be some errors

Copy NFC Keycard

There might be some errors

Reset NFC Keycard